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About US

We are not attorneys, law offices or practicing law!  Instead, we have been working as interpreters/translators in the court system for 15 years now. We are familiar with its procedure and operation, know the difference between county municipal court, common pleas, probate, juvenile and family court, immigration, appellate court, federal district, and supreme court, and most of their terms used for any proceeding. We are in Cincinnati, Ohio and work onsite, over the phone and via remote.

Our Mission


Facilitate the Communication Between the African/French Limited English Proficiency Speakers, the court, and the Legal Community.



With our wide experience working in most legal settings and familiarity with a large client’s voice tone, we intend to facilitate the verbal communication between African/French Limited English Proficiency person, the court, and the legal community. Our services are rendered with understanding of court protocols, regulations and practice without bias or partiality.


Our translation is precise and accurate. We intend to translate any legal paperwork and/or documents with consideration of the legal meaning, confidentiality, and grammatical structuration for a better and clear understanding of the reader.


We intend to transcript any evidentiary material, including but not limited to, audio, video, voice message and/or any other electronic devices.


Making sure that the message being deposited is clear is our business. With our vast experience in the field, we can help interpret for your client deposition in your office or in any other settings, emphasizing on the clarification of any cultural beliefs and custom consideration that will render the information clear and accurate.

Our Prices

Our prices aligned service quality and money saving. We cannot be beaten. We carry the most affordable pricing system in the tri-state. You decide how much you want to pay; we provide the service you need. Send us an email or call us to request a quote.

Legal Courier Services

 We deliver same day legal documents. Call us for a quote.


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